Herbal Power Peel TM Resurfacing Exfoliant Powder utilizes proprietary marine and herbal ingredients suitable for  a variety of skin conditions including acne, oily congested skin, sun damage, large pores, some pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. The bioactive ingredients are useful in skin resurfacing, treatment of congested skin and may be used as a scrub, mask or deeper peeling treatment. The professional grade application can be applied daily, weekly, monthly or multiple times depending on the condition to be treated. Herbal Power Peel can safely be used on the face and body. 


When used as a peeling agent, Herbal Power Peel TM  stimulates new cell growth, elastin and collagen production and improves skin tone and texture. The enzymes in the peel powder dissolve and digest old dead cells from the skin's outer layers and provides biostimulation to new cells. 


Skin peels have been reported in medical literature since 1941 when Eller and Wolff described their use in treatment of acne and scars of the face. Skin peels are a type of controlled wounding with resultant collagen stimulation and resurfacing of the skin. With the increased interest in non-surgical skin rejuvenation, skin peeling has had a resurgence because of its low cost, safety and availability.

Skin disorders that may benefit from Herbal Power Peel TM Resurfacing Exfoliant Include:

* Acne

* Light scarring

* Photodamage

* Actinic kerotoses

* Fine lines and wrinkles

* Some pigmentary disorders

Chemical peels are divided into three categories depending on the depth of the wounding. Superficial peels penetrate the epidermis only, while medium depth peels can damage the entire epidermis and the papillary and upper reticular dermis. Deep peels can penetrate into the mid reticular dermis. Client selection, skin priming, and peel selection are important for optimum results with minimum side effects. Herbal Power Peel can be classified as a superficial to medium depth peel.

A complete skin history should be reviewed with the client and should include any eczema, sensitive skin syndrome, herpes simplex, nicotine use, accutane  use, HIV, Seborrhea and the history of all topical formulations, including retinoids, acids, and skin care products. Clients with a history of eczema or sensitive skin will react more  to the peeling agents and will require a lower strength treatment. Clients with very oily sebaceous skin may require a more aggressive treatment and pre-peel degreasing.

* Skin type and the degree of photo damage must be assessed before administering the deeper peel. Skin types can be classified by using the Fitzpatrick skin type scale. This scale is important when deciding how aggressive the peel should be. The Fitzpatrick skin type scale is used to predict a patient's pigmentary response to chemical peeling agents. Light skinned Fitzpatrick skin types I and II can usually be treated safely while darker types III-IV has a higher risk of developing PIH (post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. PIH or skin darkening can usually be minimized or prevented by pre-treating with lightening agents, before, during and post peel.

​Included in the pre-peel consultation are the signed consent forms, the clarification of the pre-peel and post peel instructions, supplies to have on had at home, and a realistic discussion of the results. Clients are informed that for best results, Herbal Power Peel is usually done in a series of treatments.

Pre-treatment preparation before the deeper peel is two to four weeks. This ensures an even take of the peel by thinning the epidermal barrier, accelerating wound healing and reducing post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Agents may include lactic acid, salicylic acid, kojic acid, hydroquinone, retinals, retin-a, tretinion, glycolic acid and azelaic acids. A broad spectrum ultra violet sunblock with a minimum of sun protection SPF 30 must be utilized in all peels! Those containing the stabilizer mexoryl are highly recommended.

Advanced treatments should only be carried out by experienced peelers! Combining different types of chemical peels can enhance the effects of Herbal Power Peel. One can combine glycolic, lactic, Jessner, or TCA for a deeper advanced peel. A microdermabrasion treatment prior to the peel may also be performed to increase the effects of the peel.

Side Effects of the advanced deeper peel can include the following :

Edema- Redness and possibly swelling are to be expected with the deeper peeling treatment. Ice packs and cool water compresses are helpful.

Pain-There may be some uncomfortable sensations lasting from 1-3 days. It is advisable to take pain relievers before and after the deeper peel.

Persistent  Erythemia- This is a natural response of the herbal peel and may last a few days to a week. Mature, fragile and thinning skin can have a tendency to flush and facial capillaries can dilate.

Acne- Acneform eruptions can occur due to the occlusive nature of the emollient creams that utilized during the healing. This is self-limiting and they usually resolve on their own.

Infection-The peeling agents are germicidal however the topical and occlusive ointments with petroleum could promote the growth of Streptococcus or Staph infections.

HSV- Any type of peel can activate a herpes reaction that could result in scarring. Herpetic infections present as a painful eruption not a vesicle due to the lack of an intact epidermis. Pre-treatment with an anti-viral will diminish the possibility of an outbreak.

Milia- Whiteheads can occur 1-3 weeks after the peel and are due to the occlusive ointments that are applied. Extractions with a lance may be necessary.

PIH - (Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation) This darkening occurs in darker and Ethnic skin types due to the trauma of the peel. Prepping the skin with lightening agents are mandatory to prevent PIH.

Micro Tears - Overly aggressive scrubbing could result in micro tears and stretching of the pores. 


Herbal Power Peel TM Resurfacing Exfoliant Peel offers many benefits for skin enhancement. Chemical and acid free skin peeling continues to be an effective, safe and economically desirable procedure. With appropriate experience, proper skin type,  and with any possible complications addressed, the procedure can lead to excellent results and satisfied customers.

*WAIVER: By reading this, I understand, accept and acknowledge there are risks involved with the treatment of Herbal Power Peel TM  procedure, including, but not limited to those side effects listed above. I have had the opportunity to ask questions regarding these risks and other possible complications. I understand and false or misleading information I have given may lead to undesired results and complications and hereby waive Herbal Power Peel TM  liability if such results or complications occur. I further understand my failure to follow post care instructions may also lead to undesired results, complications or effects and hereby waive Herbal Power Peel liability if such results or complications occur. I agree I will assume the risk and full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses or damages which might occur to me while I am undergoing this procedure or any side effects I may experience after the procedure is performed. To the maximum extent allowed by law, I agree to waive and release any and all present and future claims, suits or related causes of action against Herbal Power TM, its owners, officers, employees or agents for negligence or injury or damages to me as a result of this procedure.  I agree to waive and release any and all present and future claims, suits or related causes of action against Herbal Power Peel, its owners, officers, employees, or agents for negligence, or injury.  I agree to this waiver and release  the members of my family and any spouse or domestic partner.


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Herbal power peel TM  resurfacing exfoliant professional training guide
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Herbal Power Peel

When Herbal Power Peel TM is massaged into the skin, it creates a controlled micro irritation that activates a wound healing response. This normally takes place in a natural restorative response to tissue injury. The skin becomes flushed and sensitive due to the increased blood circulation in the treated skin. It is the necessary inflammatory cells that fight aging and eliminate the old skin cells of devitalized tissue. Wound healing response stimulates new cell growth and improves skin tone and texture. Old debilitated and dead cells are exfoliated from the skin's outer layer without harming the younger living cells resulting in clearer softer smoother skin. Increased stratum corneum sloughing results in cell turnover which normally is  a goal of acne and anti-aging therapies. Herbal Power Peel TM  does not contain any skin lighteners.


Herbal Power Peel TM may be used in a spa or medical setting. Herbal Power Peel TM.  Resurfacing Exfoliant Powder is our own proprietary formulation but contains similar types of ingredients found in some acclaimed green herbal peeling treatments. If you have been searching for a powerful but natural treatment to skin enhancement, then Herbal Power Peel TM offers many benefits. Several treatments may be necessary to achieve desired results. Custom professional strength available to licensed professionals. No practitioner certification is required.