Our products contain only the highest quality ingredients that have been researched for safety and efficacy. Herbal Power Peel Resurfacing Exfoliant Powder consists of herbal and marine ingredients that are bioactive compounds that react with the skin. When combined with various application vehicles, Herbal Power Peel can produce different results that are useful in a variety of dermatologic applications including acne, oily troubled skin, large pores, sun damage, pigmentation and anti-aging.

Herbal Power Peel provides a natural, safe and effective alternative to traditional chemical peels, harsh acids and microdermabrasion treatments. Herbal Power Peel is natural and organic, medically endorsed and algae and herb based. Contrary to other exfoliation methods, Herbal Power Peel does not contain harmful chemical substances or synthetic abrasives and the ingredients do not cause burning or irritation if they come into contact with the eyes. 

The outcome achieved with Herbal Power Peel may be compared to  the results of chemical peels, microdermabrasion or the application of acid derivatives but with less risks and side effects. 

Herbal Power Peel treatments may be helpful for many skin conditions:

* Skin impurities, acne, congested pores

*  Fine Lines and Wrinkles

*  Large pores, coarse skin texture

*  Prematurely aging skin, sun damage

*  Some hyper-pigmentation (Used in conjunction with lightening agents)

*  Sun spots and freckles

* Some stretch marks

*  May reduce the appearance of cellulite

Herbal Power Peel Pigment Blaster Skin Wash

Herbal Power Peel
​Exfoliating Acne Soap


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Herbal Power Peel


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Herbal Power Peel 
Ultimate Lightening Serum

Herbal Power Peel

Herbal Power Peel

Resurfacing Exfoliant  Powder